Online Parking Permit

Parking permits or monthlies are used to control parking privileges. These days, parkers can go for an online parking permit, which can be customized and purchased through online portals.

Why do I need an online parking permit?

An online parking permit is usually created using permit management software that uses license plate recognition technology. Employees typically spend significant amounts of time searching for a parking spot when they come to work. With an online parking permit, they can save parking spots and save both time, money, and fuel. With a permit management system, the parking staff can identify unauthorized vehicle entries in real-time. Thus, the security of the facility increases manifold.

Online parking permits improve customer satisfaction by eliminating the daily frustration of looking for a safe parking spot. They also benefit from discounted monthly parking rates. Many organizations are now including online parking permits as employee benefits.

How can I set up online parking permits for my parkers?

If you’re an operator thinking about setting up online parking permits, GMP Permit is an excellent choice for permit management software. It allows operators to digitize their parking permit businesses at pocket-friendly prices. Here’s what GMP Permit can do for your parking business:

  • White-labeled app to sell custom parking permits
    Your parkers can customize and purchase parking permits from their browsers.
  • Self-serve portal for your parking partnerships
    Let your partners manage their accounts and invoices through a self-serve portal.
  • Manage it all from a user-friendly admin dashboard
    Manage all user accounts and permits, grant approval, verify documents, and more.
  • Integrates with your existing equipment
    Retrofits seamlessly with any PARCS, and supports both gated and non-gated lots.

Get My Parking's scalable smart parking software is an operator’s best choice for automating and future-proofing their parking lots.